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Elderberry Syrup

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Our top three selling elderberry syrups to help you through colds, flus and allergies
Our products are made with certified organic elderberries, herbs and we use locally sourced raw honey

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Real Reviews from Real People

WOW! I was sick for 3 straight weeks (allergies which turned into a sinus infection and cough). Started taking elderberry kicked up every 2 hours and my symptoms cleared up in 2 days!!! Also, I was pleasantly surprised how good the syrup tastes! I will be purchasing forever and ever. 

Deanna P.

I cannot say enough good things about this company or the product! I always try to support local, so when I found TC Elderberry I was excited to try it out. We have been taking the Original formula for months (we lived in a hospital for 4 weeks during the cold and flu season with my son and no one got sick)! I have been taking the Allergy elixir and guess who is off of Allegra Finally... this gal! I will never, ever be without this magical fruit in a bottle again! Plus it tastes great and my kids beg for it!

Kristin K.

Kicked Up Syrup Review: I stand by this product! I have been drinking this for over 2 years and believe in its protective nature to starve off colds and flu. The taste is amazing and the customer service is incredible!

Robin A.